korean bbq

    Ello, does anyone know where to buy the base for a korean bbq as there different from normal bbqs and i cant seem to find them for sale anywhere.


    whats different about them, sounds intresting?


    whats different about them, sounds intresting?

    I'm equally intrigued :thumbsup:
    I can use it as my discovery of the day.

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    there kind of sloped outwards so u can use the heat differently, also there for indoor use there kindoff like this…jpg , you cook thin slices of beef on them. very nice food and good for dinner partys.

    I think its the same as the Japanese Yakiniku.

    Woof woof

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    yeah its simular to that, though the pan shapes are slight different. Still cant find them for sale in the uk, might have to try china town in london.

    Try here:

    that yaki thing looks good - the tabletop gas thing would be nice to have.

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    cheers that looks good i may get one, im also looking for a coal/wood chips table one.


    Base for a Korean BBQ, hmmm something like this?available from ]here.

    nom nom nom nom
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