Korg nanoPAD


    I've been looking into getting one of these…059. I just want a cheap pad for triggering drum samples - i have a theory that i'll be much better at that than playing samples using a keyboard controller.

    Anyway, all the reviews said that it *should* retail here at about £41 but i suspect that that was just a rough conversion of the US RRP before the exchange rate went backwards. The cheapest I can find it for is £53.99 on the website above, but with delivery it's 60.

    I'm looking for either a) a site that will sell it at £41 or (more realistically) b) a site that will sell it for £54 but with free delivery. There must be a music shop on the net somewhere that does free delivery, surely?

    (I've asked my nearby music shop if they can order any in to avoid paying delivery but they just said they don't stock it. Shame, I would have thought they would be encouraging me to support my local music shop)


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    been checking these out myself, they look ACE don't they?!but no, can't find any cheap ones, someone had one on ebay at 45quid BIN i think, plus postage, if that helps. - doubt it probably does but i just wanted to register my appreciation for the little monsters!
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