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Found 23rd Apr 2012
I am going to London tomorrow and want to pick up some Krispy Kreme's as we can't get them around here.

Does anyone know how much the Assorted Dozen and Original Dozen are? According to their website they also do a Double Dozen which is 12 Original and 12 Assorted - but again no mention of price.

If anyone knows what will be really useful!

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It's around £15 for a dozen of both assorted and original near me. I think the dozen assorted were around £13 and the original £10 but I could be wrong!
Give them a bell.

0207 407 0091
From memory, it's £8.99 for a dozen glazed and £10.99 for a dozen assorted However my place often does offers, 2 dozen for £20 or whatever. They're overpriced donuts IMO
Never had one. but man, the cookies and kreme looks sexual.

[image missing]

you can get them from tesco?
Not around here you can't.

Anyway, just used our London office's postcode to look at the cost using their delivery service - Dozen Assorted is £9.95 and a Dozen Glazed £7.95 or a Double Dozen which is both is £14.95. The prices should be the same "in store" I assume?

I might call them to make sure. I need to get them before my meeting (and then hide them from everyone else)
Numptyj my good man

not in my 8 tesco stores you cant even though self service checkout shows them as a product they sell.

Hmm, no one is picking up when I call. Can anyone confirm the above prices are correct?
I'll confirm the above prices are correct
i work next to there factory all u can smell is donughts lol

Never had one. but man, the cookies and kreme looks sexual.

sexual???? its looks like a poo ring! oh but maybe you .......................................
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