Krispy Kreme vote for the new flavours

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Posted 10th Jan
So Krispy Kreme are going to release new flavours and the best part is you can vote which ones.

I know quite a few folks on here are fans of Krispy Kreme so I thought I would share this in discussions

3385421-UkYls.jpgThis year our tasty Original Filled doughnuts will return, but here’s the best bit – you decide the flavours and we will bring the top choices back as a rotating mystery flavour!…rs/
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39638380-odux1.jpgDecided mine Blue Raspberry with a twist.

I do like a twist
Buy any dozen get an original glazed dozen for £1 is back…435
Just NO
rimalpatel00710/01/2020 07:50

Just NO

I think these look great. Really hope they do the raspberry one.
Rhubarb and Custard should win.

Don’t agree? Fight me.
Cream soda all the way:p
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