Kudos to Pixmania

    I am very surprised at Pixmania, I think it was unneeded to offer any sort of voucher or anything. They reacted like anyone would in the situation by canceling the orders and for anyone who is talking about taking legal action, can you really justify trying to screw a company out of all that money for a human error that anyone off us could make.

    Basically I think Pixmania have acted honorably, no money was taken if paid by card and they have even offered a voucher as compensation.

    Thank you Pixmania.


    Lol three threads...

    Come off it, they sold that "TV" at that price for a stunt/free advert!!!.... If there is a law to say companies MUST honor pricing errors. Trust me, we will never see a TV's selling at £1000+ for only £199 !!!


    Lol three threads...


    Of course we all make mistakes, I can see at least 5 in one of the posts above.
    It's called human error.
    It does make me laugh when a pricing error gets spotted and everybody orders and then threatens this, that and the other action when they don't get what they ordered.
    It happens time and time again yet people act like it's the first time it's happened and keep asking "where do we stand legally" and "can they do that".
    Of course they can do that.
    They always have, and they always will.

    Just get over it and laugh at the mistakes, and be grateful on the rare occasion you do get something out of it. :thumbsup:
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