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Found 3rd Feb 2010
Anyone ever used Kwikfit Car Insurance?

Read some bad reviews, hence wanted to confirm any HUKDer faced something similar?
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Son had kwikfit insurance, had what he thought was a free windscreen repair. (not replacement just the chip repaired).

Renewal came in and price had gone up £189 on this years policy and he lost 1 years ncd.

Needless to say he changed companies.
wrong section!
ive used kwickfit fot the past 3 yrs and never had any problems,and ive also have my windscreen repaired twice(2 diff cars and diff yr insurance if you get me) and mine has never gone up.they also really good @ matching the price you get off another company when it comes to renewal thats why ive not changed for last couple of years they just take off the commison and fees so they can match the get a discount card for 10% off @ kwick fit centres and on my old car they were going to send out a free mot thing for it wen it got to when i needed the mot but never used it as i got a new car before it needed a mot.
i had kwik fit insurance a few years back, they customer service and help was great when i had an accident, renewal quote was about £15 more so i requested my no claims certificate and went with swinton who around £50 cheaper.
Many thanks to all for their comments
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