kwikfit car insurance, anyone with them?

Found 15th Feb 2011
Hi im with kwikfit cqr insurance and im trying to get to my insurance certificate online, i done this last year but i cant find the login page, i remember it needing my red details etc for login...

does anyone know how i get to this page?

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I was with them for a year & 1 month.I was planning to buy a new car & so did not want to renew my car insurance with them for a full year until I got the new car first.
When the new car arrived they quoted me over £200 more than the Co-Op did.
When I tried to cancel my insurance with kwik-Fit they added a cancellation fee over over £140..Never again will I go with them even if they are cheaper.

call free on 0800 027 9367 to speak to one of our highly trained and friendly staff.

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I've been with one of their sister companies green insurance or something.. Wasn't impressed. A friend of mine had a problem with kwikfit insurance when her car set on fire.. she was without a car for ages because they didn't know what they were doing.
yeh my insurance seems alot per month to be honest, i wont be staying with them
ive was with them for 2 years, never made a claim tho, but they quoted me double for the same car this year, so gone with a different company, more cover and a lot less to pay a month
At a bit of a loss ! renewed ins. but not received any docs including cert of ins . this after TWICE ringing to query what,s going on . ANY IDEAS ?
I was insured with them years ago, had to make a claim and their customer service was dreadful, never again!!!
Back on topic... the existing customer clicky is part way down their home page... kwik-fitinsurance.co.uk/
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