l have a philips perfectcare xpress iron that is hardly 6months and l have been using bottled water. it stopped steaming but it is heating up. could l have damaged the steam generator by running it dry. went back to the retailer for a warranty claim

Bottled water is high in mineral content. I think you can get some iron cleaner that might work. The best water is apparently deionised water (from a car shop) or you can get fragranced iron water.
What's wrong with tap water.

What's wrong with tap water.

think it's usually too hard covering the element over time like in your kettle.
I had similar problem with my steamer that was out of warranty i always use tap water as cheaper but scale does end up on elements I put a descaler in and this fixed problem for me
Has happened to my last 2 irons one Philips and other Sains own brand. Both after 6 months too! I returned both for refund. Have no idea what causes this but my latest iron is now steaming less after 4 months now.
I don't bother with the steam function on my iron anymore - not needed.

Just spray with water and use a medium heat - gets out any wrinkles easily.
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