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    Does anyone work at LA fitness on here, looking at getting a good deal but have rung them up and there is no movement on the p[rice.Wondering when the best time to call was etc and if there are any good deals to be had.

    Thanks in advance


    Worst time to Join is in January,busiest time of year....never any deals,only chance is end of month if they have not met their sales targets

    Original Poster

    was thinking that was the case, have been given a 5 day pass from Monday so will see after that.

    I wouldn't try now. Month end or in a couple of months.

    However, I don't think they will be that flexible with price. You might get free add ons, visitor passes, freebies etc. but not sure price will move. Only way I can think of is if your a student or perhaps there is a corporate discount your entitled to.

    If you have the space, instead of forking out money for a gym membership, purchase an olympic weight set, power rack and bench and get the books Starting Strength and Practical Programming...

    If you really want to join a gym, they start getting quiet around mid-March so would recommend starting then...
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