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    They still keep sending me this crap through the door about 5 times aweek I still shred it and send it back but I could move soon as I have another little one on the way, I have phoned them loads of times to stop sending these and they said they would put they keep on coming, I said to them when I move if someone order something and it get sent here and I have moved then thats tough luck as I have asked loads of time for you to stop, this happend before were I used to live and someone ordered loads of stuff on my name on some junk mail but I said I did not live there at the the time and it was passed over to the police.


    Happened to us when we moved but they still chased us for the payment for orders we didn't even place or receive. Advise them that you will have registered with Mailing Preference Service do it at…tml. AFAIK you then should stop getting anything, that is if they listen which they should do once you have registered at the above link. It was sometime ago so you may need to do something else too

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    Thanks for that will do that now as I have a few mins.

    Looks like the link don't work anymore.
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    i get this nearly every day of the week!
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