La Redoute - Quidco is tracking for the order I never placed

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Found 2nd May 2007

La Redoute is recently added to Quidco..

I purchased one Puma T-shirt (£1 - After promotional code discount) and assorted Nike socks (£1 - again after promotional code discoun).. and I went thru Quidco while doing these transactions.. Both of these trasactions are tracked on Quidco with the correct %age..

Now, recently I noticed that there are some other orders worth £105, £83, £145 and £45 against La Redoute in my quidco in tracked status..These are the order amounts and not commission :roll:

I have never purchased anything from La Redoute of this price.. How come these transactions are tracked on my Quidco account??

Can I look forward to receiving commissions for these orders? :w00t:


No problems with la redoute, however just noticed that I have 10 high street web tracking for today - only used it twice

Kinda worried since it says it should only be used twice a day and there is a fraud thing in place and everything! I didnt click it 10 times though....


Can I look forward to receiving commissions for these orders? :w00t:

Not any more caus you have posted it for the world to see! :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Does it happen with Quidco :? ...I think its quite rare...

can anyone put me right ? ordered them stan smith trainers last week from cLa Redoute they were on the site at £22.50 but with code 8611 you were getting them for £12.50 ( good deal ) but as i aint heard from them from the 24th april when i made the order i thought id give them a phone today to find out where my trainers were , firstly i got thru after 10 mins at 10p a min on the 0870 no , anyway when i did get thru i was told that the stan smiths were £22.50 as they were already on a special offer & the voucher wasnt allowed on any deals wich had money off already , so as i had already ordered 4 seperate pairs for me my wife & me kids i was told that the green & white ones were sold out & that the only ones left were the kaki ones all at £ 22.50 , so can any one who has went thru the same senario or have got those at the £22.50 instead of the £12.50 let me know , as i said before i aint got them as of yet & the money has not been taken from the bank as yet , so i still dont know what ive been charged as of yet , was told to not exept them if i didnt want them & id get my money back ..... anyone with simelar problems ?????????????
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