Found 29th Oct 2008
hi i placed an order with la senza using 20% off code last week but dont really understand what they have taken from my bank account the order came to 37.60 and they took 30.08 i think from my account but there is an amount of 37.60 been deducted from my balance in my account also but isnt showing up in my statements as it hasnt cleared yet?

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If you paid by debit card - (the statement will tell you if you don't remember) it is 'possible' that they have done a double entry of CR & DR BUT if like you say, it is showing two DR's the it is a dupe that needs to be cancelled asa an error.....

A quick call to telephone banking will sort that ourt for you - if need be they will contact the retailer on your behalf.

The other thing that sometimes happens with web orders is that they get processed twice by mistake....


phone them or your bank

Original Poster

phoned both my bank werent much help said they couldnt see who had taken the 37.60 yet as it hasnt cleared? and la senza said they had only taken one amount the 30.08 as this was price after the 20% off said maybe the full amount might have been something to do with autherizing it but they said they def had only took one amount?

Back to the Bank you go then.... The bank can see both cleared and uncleared DR's & CR's....

Original Poster

just phoned the bank again the said that they may have taken the amount of 37.60 first then taken the 30.08 after the discount and the 37.60 should go back into my account if they dont claim it and if they do ive got to ring them so they can dispute it but got to wait a few days and see what happens as they have 10 days or so to claim it?

That sounds about right!

ell done you for being so diligent and noticing!
Hopefully they will refund you with you having to remind them, but it is worth a gentle nudge to the shop if you know what I mean? Either way you WILL get your money back, but it may take a few days....

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