Labour Cost for New Boiler

Found 8th Jun
Hi All,

Can anyone give an indication of what a reasonable labour cost for installing a new boiler would be? It will be a straight swap situation in the same position, same type, etc. It's just that the old boiler has packed up.

We pay for monthly boiler cover, so the replacement boiler is included, but we need to pay the installation costs, so trying to get a feel for what it should be.

Many Thanks
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Depends where you are
Are you on Facebook local area groups ?? Ask for recommendations and get a few quotes

All well And good saying like for like swap but regulations change / building regs now require access for any internal flu pipes etc

£200 would be a decent price but £500 wouldn’t be excessive..

Within M25 and
i think £500 + few cheap parts is what we paid
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£250/day as a minimum for labour, expect it to be done properly in 2 days. It can be thrown onto the wall, and left working, in half a day.
What’s the model of the boiler going in?
androidavis58 m ago

What’s the model of the boiler going in?

Not sure yet, waiting to get the report from the insurers. Currently we have a Baxi Solo 2 which has given up.
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I paid £700 3 years ago. Excellent job though. Took 2 days. West Mids.
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