Lack of Freeview channels

    Im from S.Wales, and we have just fully switched over to digital in this area. However, there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of channels available. We have the BBC ones, Ch4, Five, and ITV1+2. Thats it, pretty much.

    Channels like Dave, Sky Sports News, FiveUSA and E4 are not available. I type in my postcode on the Freeview page, and none of these channels are listed either, which excludes it being an aerial problem I presume.

    Will we ever get these channels? What is the reason for these channels not appearing?



    tell them you are not paying your bill until you receive them:)

    try re-tuning i suppose or leave Wales

    Might be your local means you need a better, external ariel.

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    I think Ive already adressed the aerial issue in the original post. I typed my postcode into the website, and it only listed the channels I currently have. This shows its not to do with the aerial Im using, correct?

    Do a search on the site, I know in my area we are only getting the … Do a search on the site, I know in my area we are only getting the channels you have which is about 18 and we're not getting anymore due to the TV licensing companty been a bunch of ******s.

    Then I guess we're in the same boat, too. Seems a little silly. Do you have any reasons why they are doing this?

    Saw this post on digitalspy:

    I think the +1's are a silly idea for the areas with Freeview-lite be … I think the +1's are a silly idea for the areas with Freeview-lite be better served with E4 and ITV3.

    Seems like, for some reason, this area just aint getting a lot of of the channels, which is hugely disappointing.

    Where are you located within South Wales?

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    Merthyr. Not sure what transmitter we use, but all of the possible ones say the same thing; "Up to 18 channels available + 2 HD channels ". Judging from badass, its going to stay this way until they upgrade.

    What analogue channels did you use to get?

    This is the predicted coverage for Merthyr Tydfil town center:

    Bad news if your on the Trefechan relay because reception from that transmitter will get worse next year so you might loose many channels.

    If your on the Merthyr Tydfil relay in three years time you should gain BBC FOUR, CBeebies and BBC Parliament.

    For the moment the TV channels you should have are:
    1 BBC ONE Wales
    2 BBC TWO Wales
    3 ITV1
    4 S4/C
    5 Five
    6 ITV 2
    8 Channel 4
    13 Channel 4+1
    14 More Four
    27 ITV2 +1
    28 E4
    33 ITV2 +1
    70 CBBC Channel
    80 BBC NEWS
    105 BBC Red Button

    Plus, if you have FreeView HD you will also have:
    50 BBC HD
    51 ITV1 HD
    52 Channel 4 HD
    53 S4C HD

    Oh No :?
    I am ROFL at Louis Theroux on Dave ja vu right now.
    Hope this is not a general switchover thing.

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    The website says that Trefechan is my most likely transmitter. That probably explains why I already have BBC4 and the two other BBC ones you mentioned.

    So basically, theres nothing that can be done. Its not a big deal, I was just curious if there was anything I could do to gain these extra channels. Just seems like they are crappy transmitters, which is odd considering all of Wales is now digital only.
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