Lack of Tesco codes and points

Anyone else noticed that there dont appear to be many of these around apart from the health and beauty one?

Need to order wine and gain additional points!


Yeh for last 2 weeks i havent be able to get any :x

I having groceries delivered tonight from Tescos,and it be my 1st shop that I've not used a bonus clubcard voucher or money off.They cracked down on it now,be very lucky if we get anymore.

Seems to be their New Years Resolution. We were spending £800 a month on groceries last year and happy saving at least a fiver each time with the codes. No Tesco codes worked last month so we tried Asda for the first time as they have just started delivering in our area. It is noticably cheaper for the same stuff. Not found any Asda codes but occasional free delivery. One other benefit, if it's out of stock Asda offer a substitute that is normally more expensive and they pay the extra.
So bye bye Tesco, looks like you've lost our business for good.

No it's rubbish at the mo. I used to get bonus point mailings for the wine club etc..every so often and they were great for bumping up your points for the deals. Past couple of months nothing......i've also noticed that more of the codes are account specific. I remember about a year ago Asda were always sending out codes for £10 off a £50 spend etc..and they suddenly dried up too. I hope that Tesco aren't going to go the same way in 2008 :x.

Think I'm going to have to try asda as well. I refuse to pay for delivery. Have always had some sort of code. Even the one they sent through to me didn't work!!!!

I used to get alot of tescos points. Now use morrisons and asdas and must be saving about £50-£60 a month as they are alot cheaper. Morrissons have some excellent deals.
Asda online I used them once and they were terrible.
Just got my clubcard statement. I was wondering if there would be any nice voucers to entice me back as Ihave been boycotting them. Not likely just the usual 25 points here and there.
Here is a website that sometimes has some good codes:

Things seem to be picking up, more and more codes appearing

Thanks Scooby :thumbsup:
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