Lacquer, Varnish or Oil on wooden floor boards

Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Hi All - we bought a house which had wonderful teak engineered wooden flooring. It was well maintained by previous owner as he had a lot of knowledge and he had got things done and I know he used to oil.

Now we have a small baby and we don’t get the time to clean the floor every day and the dust has settled within the grain making wood look dirty and dark. Have tried number of cleaning products and it seems best way is to sand and redo the wood. I have very limited knowledge.

Can anyone advise if Laquer, Varnish or Oiling is best from point of view of;
1. Longevity of wood?
2. Low maintenance and
3. Adding bit of shine or glass to wood to make it look like new?

Thanks a lot for your guidance.
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clean it then oil or wax. Varnish will get scratched or crack and you end up with a much worse situation.
Once cleaned, you only need one product: Osmo Poly-X Oil

Pricey but worth it.
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