Posted 11th Dec 2022

Let's try and raise as much money as possible for charity and help as many people as we can this Christmas! Song released on Friday 16th December. Let’s help reduce food poverty 💚 Thank you 🙏
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    Call me cynical but I miss Christmas number one being more about the most popular song and less about who has the best marketing campaign
    So before X Factor arrived?
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    I’d rather help my Nan take a dump
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    Will any proceeds go to his divorce for cheating on his missus ?
    How could you say something so horrible? They are raising millions for food charities, and making people aware of what is actually going on. They once were living on bread line, just like many of us today
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    Jesus Christ no.
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    Well, it's been a fair few years since I liked music enough to pay for it (rather than just listen to it on Youtube or Spotify), and I already give to charity, so while I wish them all the best I won't be pre-ordering.
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    What's dreadful about highlighting poverty in the UK and trying to do something positive to help.
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    that it's nearly 40 years since bandaid and now we are having to do this for the UK

    Hope it reaches No1 I think these guys do great work for the food bank charities.
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    This is boring now.
    Just donate if you want to, not sure why we have to get this nonsense to number 1.
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    Here we go again. Pre order done!
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    Pre ordered mine
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