Posted 26th Oct 2021
Hi folks,

Did anyone else ever get anything like this? Came out of the blue, with no explanation.

"Unfortunately, you’ll no longer have access to any Gaming Bonuses.

We’ve got some news for you - after reviewing your account, you will no longer be eligible to receive and accept any Gaming Bonuses currently in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.

Therefore, any deposits or funds you make towards any Bonus offer will not qualify with us.

  • Any redeemed Bonus currently available in your account can still be used.
  • If you have already deposited funds for a specific bonus offer, you may still receive the full value of the offer.
  • You can continue to place further qualifying funds if you are currently in the middle of qualifying for a bonus and you will be entitled to receive the full value of the offer.
Ladbrokes Team"
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