Ladies bicycle recommendations greatly appreciated

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Found 14th Sep 2009
I need to buy a new bike and would be really grateful for any recommendations. I can't find an old thread which mentioned some manufacturers to look at and some to avoid! I cycle about 3 miles to work on Lodon orads, and sometimes wear a skirt so am very keen to get an 'easy to ride' bike, e.g. a step through rather than a cross bar, and able to cary back paniers In a perfect world I would spend up to £250. Currently I have a 1980s 3 speed Apollo 'country'- so you get the idea of what I have at the moment - I think I've shaken it up a b it too much taking the odd short cut across parks etc. All had front light stolen, so any suggestions for simple straightforward lighting also appreciated.
Thanks very much, Pebble


sounds like you need a hybrid bike-this one aint bad for th price-…534
the sub way came out as no 1 value whys in a biking magazine i had a few weeks ago
didnt realise that was a mens frame,well anyway the sub ways are good on a budget or search on ebay locally

on you bike

Advise you to visit local bike shop while wearing what you intend to ride in, and try bikes until you find one that suits. Shop staff will be helpful - cyclists usually help each other out. Then, you can either support your local shop and thank staff by buying from them - or do them over by noting make model size of bike you like, and googling it to buy by mail, probably at half the price! :whistling:

If you intend riding on roads, also recommend you do not get a bike with knobbly 'off road' tyres eg standard mountain bike tyres - if bike comes with these, buy smooth tread tyres such as Schwalbe City Jet, and get them fitted (ideally, learn to fit them yourself for practice in changing the inevitable flat tyres!). They will give you more grip on the road, and are 10% easier to peddle!

Hope this helps.

I have just bought a carrera krakken from halfords it is a fantastic bike and has great reviews. It is over your budget I'm afraid though.

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A couple of bikes have been mentioned to me - would be grateful for any comments:
Ridgeback meteor open frame (around £300)
Claude Butler ladies classic (£200)
- and thank you will look at Carrera Krakken
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