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    am looking for a bike for my friends b'day, have trawled the internet and narrowed it down to a couple of bikes.
    Does anyone know much about bikes? - if so, would they mind taking a look at these 2.. tell me if theres much difference between them?


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    ]Barracuda Kansas

    ]Raleigh Free ride

    i think i prefer the design on the barracuda, but i know Raleigh have a good name for themselves
    ... unless anyone knows of anything better about

    Just looked at the first one. I wouldn't even consider buying from a place that has so many glaring errors in the description...

    [LEFT]Miscellaneous[/LEFT] [LEFT]alloy oversized frame, 175mm … [LEFT]Miscellaneous[/LEFT] [LEFT]alloy oversized frame, 175mm travel suspension, 21 Speed Shimano SRAM Grip Shift, V-Brakes, Chainset 28/38/48 170mm, Kenda tyres[/LEFT]

    175mm travel suspension? Bullcrap. Only several-thousand pound dedicated downhill mountain bikes have, or for that matter need, that much travel.

    21 speed Shimano SRAM grip shift? Which is it? 2 totally different companies (its SRAM as they make gripshift, there might be Shimano derailleurs etc but its a very misleading statement!)

    I'd be erring towards the Raleigh mainly because its at Amazon, its a more accurate description and probably a more reliable company. Its not great value but not too bad either...

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    yes... the whole sites a bit dodgy, wasnt planning to get it from there - quite a few other stores have it for the same price

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    others sites show 75mm travel on the suspension.. not sure if thats more likely.. think the 175s probably a typo..
    theres quite a few bikes that list Shimano Sram.. from the pic.. its obviously a grip shift.. not sure what they mean by it though
    Should prob stick with the Raleigh..
    Amazon also have this one which looks a bit sleeker.. looks almost exactly the same as the other one...
    ]Raleigh Venture

    There isn't really too much between them then - the Raleigh one has rapid-fire (under handle-bar) gears, the other has grip-shift (twist the hanldle-bar gears), otherwise the specs look pretty similar. Neither Raleigh nor Barracuda make particularly good bikes, but both are better than the sub-£100 bikes you will find in supermarkets etc.

    Will deffo be 75mm - its more a dig at that site/the way it lists its bikes (its a bit like a computer shop listing a computer as having an Intel 3.5GHz processor and it turns up with a 1.5GHz AMD processor...) - I'd have thought any proper bike shop that knows what they are talking about would realise that the description was nonsense and sort it out...

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    ok, thanks for the help...

    is there any thing out there you would recommend for around the same price? maybe a bit more?

    I was looking at the cheapest Giant models.. they seem to be recommended a lot


    ok, thanks for the there any thing out there you would … ok, thanks for the there any thing out there you would recommend for around the same price? maybe a bit more?I was looking at the cheapest Giant models.. they seem to be recommended a lot

    There are a lot of decent brands, including Giant (also GT, Trek, Dawes and many others) that tend to have bikes starting a little under £200 and going up - you would probably get similar componentry on them to the two bikes above but a slightly better quality, lighter frame. Not seen anything that looks a super-bargain recently though.

    As with most things you get what you pay for, if the budget is around £150 your shortlisted bikes are probably best. Its worth looking around local bike stores etc. to see if they have any bargains though (2010 model bikes will be out around now so they tend to sell off 2009 models cheaper and 2008 cheaper still - not that much changes so you tend to find some good deals!) :thumbsup:

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    ok, great. Thanks very much for the help
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