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    I'm looking for some help getting Chanel Lip Gloss in the Galantic colour.

    Anyone got any deals or advice on sources?

    I know have thme for £16 + p&p - and I'd rather stab myself in the head than use them.

    Oh and it HAS to be GALANTIC otherwise death will ensue. . .


    >> totally out of my depth on this one

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    I'll take a look about,but some places i know that sell this,are £16 anyway.…GBP

    £16 delivered,so no postage to pay and if you dislike Boots anyway.

    Premium brands sometimes hard to find with any discount,specially if its the latest colour of the season etc.

    New customers get some day cream sample too.

    As Mum2 said, you are unlikely to find it below RRP - Probably best to check out Boots, Debenhams etc on the high street (not everything is cheaper on the net) and see if any of them are doing a points offer or giving away freebies - often if you buy two products from a premium brand like clinique or chanel they'll give you a bunch of free trial size products. Particularly if you're nice to the heavily made up woman behind the counter.

    Plus of course the Chanel counter will usually have a dedicated member of staff to help you find exactly what you need.

    Maybelline do similar colours like these more natural tones with glossy sheen, as I suppose do other companies and be easier to get hold of and much cheaper by half the price and more likely to be on offer.
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