Ladies Cycle Reccomendations

    Can anyone reccomend a decent cycle for my wife, planning on going on a ride this weekend and need to find her something!

    Happy to spend up to £120ish, so im trying to find something decent and not the £30 asda type stuff. Lighter the better.

    She is 5ft 7, around 51 kg / 8 stone.

    Any help appreciated as in not up on bikes !


    giant bikes are really light..though a tad pricey, unless you get a used one..
    if you're only going for a ride for one weekend- couldn't you just borrow one from someone? Unless ofcourse, riding will be a regular thing.. good luck with the search

    I agree with above Giant bike are v. good but as said earlier quite pricey, I currently have a viking pine trail womens bike which i find lovely to ride im 5ft 4 and dont find it too heavy, i did my longest ride so far at the weekend of 50 miles and it was great to ride. What type of riding is she looking at doing, will it mostly be roads and canal paths etc or is she wanting to go off road at all? x

    another vote for giant - the rock or boulder models are the cheapest
    theyve just brought out the boulders to replace the old rock models - so you might find a cheap one, id ring round your local stores

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies.

    we are thinking of cycling for around 3/4 hours every couple of weeks, so it the bike wont be in constant use.
    and more so on country road, and paths rather than off roading...

    I will take a look at the Giant suggestions
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