Ladies, gift ideas for girlfriend back home

Posted 5th Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 18 m ago)
i know this is irrelevant here. But I need your help with gift ideas for the misses, we haven't seen each other for 6 months.. I gifted the typical perfume watch necklaces... already so I'm running out of ideas, I dont wanna gift clothes or shoes as they might not fit her, maybe coats only. She's 23, please give me some ideas, what gift made/would make you happy? Tight (max £100) budget thus posting here
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    Bit of an open ended question as depends on her likes/dislikes

    Pandora tends to be a popular choice although pricey for what it is & have an offer on at the moment that if you spend £99 you get a free limited edition silver bangle so you could get her a few charms to around the £100 mark & you'd also get a bangle for her to put them on....however you'd need to know her wrist size

    One bonus with this is that for every occasion in the future you could just get her another charm....job sorted with very little thought involved

    Oh & practically everyone loves the cuteness of baby Yoda a.k.a the child a.k.a Grogu if that's any help (edited)
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    A night away with a buy a gift voucher, meet her there so you get to see each other. You can get 20% off at the moment too!

    A Polaroid camera so she can have pictures of you both as an instant Polaroid. Insta mini x is really good and the film doesn’t cost a great deal.

    A pamper box - face masks, cosy slipper socks, bath bombs, a book, eye mask, chocolates and sweets.

    Just some ideas without knowing much about her dislikes and likes etc
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    Meals out, afternoon tea, a night away, spa day
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    Make her a photo book of you together. I always like the personal gifts. And it’s romantic
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    Theatre tickets can be a good gift but you'll need to do some careful shopping for £50pp tickets that aren't in the nosebleeds.
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    A full spa day for her while you clean the house, do the washing, etc. And you do the latter for the next few weeks.