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    Sweet Relief: Chocolate That Keeps You Slim

    It's the news all chocoholics have been waiting for - a type of chocolate that helps you lose weight is about to go on sale.

    The new variety - called Lola chocs - is 100% natural and tastes exactly like normal chocolate.

    But the big difference, according to its makers, is that the recipe includes ingredients which stop a person from feeling hungry.…ull



    Oh nice, so it puts you off eating "proper" food and by the time the appetite suppressors wear off you'll be ready for another chocolate hit.



    'The chocolate has an unusual green tinge to it which the company says is down to the microscopic algae they used in creating it'. Mmmmmm yummy!!

    Or you could just do some exercise??

    nothing can trick my brain to stop eating!

    Stops you feeling hungry? When did a little thing like a full stomach stop greedy gits?

    It's great as it'll stop her chatting / moaning for a while with her mouth full and may slim her down too :thumbsup:


    Or you could just do some exercise??

    sounds a lot easier and probably cheaper:thumbsup:


    sounds a lot easier and probably cheaper:thumbsup:

    True I see lots of people toning up by eating chocolate.:whistling:
    Exercise is free.
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