Ladies mountain Bike £100

    Looking for a Ladies mountain bike around the £100 mark.
    Any deals around?


    Hi cambb, try this one from woolworths... £79.99 ]http//ww…763

    Find a decent secondhand bike shop - with your budget, that will be your best option.

    What will it be used for? If anything other than short bike rides on flat terrain, you will need to spend a lot more for any decent level of comfort.

    Just my thoughts...

    i cannot stress not go to woolworths or steling house, even the cheapest bikes at Halfords are 10 times better than anything they will ever sell you. If you are lucky you should get a raleigh model from last year for £100. stay away from shockwave models as they are pretty poor quality.

    something like this ]http//ww…271
    or ]http//ww…271

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies.

    In the end i went to Halfords on Saturday and bought a bike that was reduced from £200 to £100.
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