Ladies (or men) help with UGG boots please!!

Found 17th Apr 2007
I am looking to get my girlfriend a pair of Ugg boots for her birthday but I know there are a lot of fakes out there. I was going to get them from the official Ugg website HERE but they have sold out of her size. So i started looking around and found a couple of other sites…spx HERE and…php HERE but I dont believe they sell genuine Uggs. (I am under the impression that the real ones are made in China and the fakes come from Australia and New Zealand.

So my questions are...

1) Is what I have said above correct?


2) Is there much difference between the genuine and the fakes?

Any help by anyone in the know would be very much appreciated! My finger is hovered above the reputation button in anticipation.

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Anyone? :-(
Summer's coming up, is it really the best idea?
yes uggs are amazing with a skirt on a summer evening i love mine to bits
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