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Found 5th Sep 2008
I am going to a friend's wedding next Saturday and today I got the perfect dress, I just fell in love with it. When I got it home and tried it on it was so disappointing because I look like I am pregant lol.

I look lovely and slim from the back and then I turn around and look like I am six months gone!!!

It has a ribbon just under the bust and then is quite tight flitting on the hips and flairs out at the thigh.

I was thinking about getting a panty girdle but as the dress is snug around the torso I know the lines would show through so I think the best option is an all in one girdle/bra. The bra. The top of the dress is a slight V shape.

I remember my mum going on about her panty girdle when she used to go out when she was younger but I just dont know where to start, please help me!!!

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how about some of them wonder knickers, they always work on me!!

it probably looks 100 times worse to you than it does anyone else!!
Try googling Trinny & Susannah, or look on Littlewoods where they sell their clothes, as apparently they do some "magic pants" that are supposed to work wonders. I haven't tried them myself but they are supposed to be really good.
it probably looks 100 times worse to you than it does anyone else!![/QUOTE]

yes put a pic up to get verdict on here - just you

[QUOTE=foxymissroxy;2903471]how about some of them wonder knickers, they always work on me!!

asda do them
M&S do a range of magic pants. Take your dress into the store, try on the pants (gusset has protection on it) and see which suits your shape.
I find a basque sometimes eliminates this problem as the boning in it shapes your figure, try Bravissimo as they usually have nice ones bravissimo.com/pro…ons but only for D cup plus, otherwise I have had a nice one from BHS before now.
Thank you all so much for all your help guys and so quickly too!

I am so stressed out about it I think I will worry about it in the morning, i am too tired to be looking at basques and things now I might panic buy something and regret it tomorrow when I have a fresh head!

You are all so great on here!
I was going to suggest magic knickers as well there supposed to be really good, and agree it probablt doesn't look as bad as you think it does:roll: good luck hun I know what its like when you just don't feel right in something.
Awww thanks, I am just gutted because I absolutely love the dress, I cant stop looking at it!

I will try a few of the options later and report back x
Peacocks now do a body slimmer range. They have an all in one suit that starts under the bra line and goes down to your thighs. That might work. Not expensive from what I remember.
ill warn you know, do not use any of the "cheap make" sliiming or magic pants. they dont work, ave tried loads!! they r great when tryong on but after an hour they fall down, and rub the best ones to buy are psanx, you get them from figleaves. i bought them a year ago, are amazing. dont roll down, fit poerfect i have the full body, legs bum and tum. stop just underbust. there baout 27 but figleaves often has vouchers. and they have a pee hole, which is great..... spanx!!!
I would say the the magic pants too Stacey, my friend always swore by Sloggi's, I dunno if they still do them though.

Good luck and the dress sounds lovely, I am sure you will look stunning
It is so annoying, I sympathize with you. Over the next week cut out wheat from your diet and fizzy drinks, it will make a huge difference if you do it right. You could also use a control body shaper I got one from Matalan only £8 in a variety of sizes they go from your knee to under your bust so little chance of skin and fat bulging out. Good luck and have a great time and remember there is always someone else who probably feels fat there, even if their a size 10;-)
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