Ladies Trucker Hat

    Well im searching for a hour now amd i cant seem to find one! I was in the animal shop a few weeks ago and they had loads.

    Any one know where i can get one from it doesn't have to be any particular make, although i would preferr Von Dutch or Animal.

    It has to be womens though or ladies.

    thks :-0


    Isnt it the same as a normal trucker hat? Hats are unisex right??

    Original Poster Banned

    umm well no......


    Ebay item number 160282250372

    230292678919 ebay :thumbsup:

    Original Poster Banned

    thks but dont want to use ebay had to much trouble from it

    ]Hardcloud have this in stock for £12.99 with 10% Quidco back

    Original Poster Banned

    thls anyone got anymore?

    rep added to you all
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