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Found 18th Dec 2010
There's about 15 of that want to go on a LADS holiday in July 2011. We want to pay less than £400 ideally.

Can anyone recommend places they've been that was good for nightlife, beach and at a reasonable price?
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£400 each or for the 15 of you? I had a cracking lads holiday in Kavos, wasn't too pricey neither
Been to Kavos, Malia, Ayia Napa and Magaluf on lads holidays.

Would recommend any of them.

Although Ayia Napa the bars close at around 2 so you are forced to go into one of the clubs which was around 25euro each.

Magaluf was the roughest of the 4 i have been too. It was alright as you paid to get into BCM and then all drinks were free, but they changed this and now you have to buy tokens so not as good now.
£400 each of course!

I was thinking Zante, Malia or Ayia Napa, maybe Magaluf.

I was very curious about Bulgaria! It seems to be very cheap to go there but what is nightlife/ food like?
How long you wanting to stay?
London........i hear the youngsters have a riot there. oO
Defo Kavos
7 nights... is Kavos in Greece?

7 nights... is Kavos in Greece?

ibiza very expensive ,but the best night life and clubs and bars in the world , 24 hour party
Tenerife would be fantastic, beach and nightlife right next to each other and def under £400
I went magaluff for about 500£, 11 nights,

Want to go Ibiza but hear the prices are sky high
Ayai Napa is amazing, only cost us about 10 euros to get into the clubs too
Pizza Hut
Where did everyone book from then?
Don't go Ibiza.. Wayyy too expensive, I would say magaluf, malia or Zante personally
Group of us got a cheap package deal to Marbella and spent every night in Puerto Banus - lifestyles of the rich and famous (the luxury yacht owners, not us).

Had a wicked time.
Laganas in Zante is good value for money - probably cheaper booking flights and accomodation seperately. I use TravelRepublic frequently as prices for Greek apartments are very cheap. Also, Laganas is very very close to airport in Zante and only costs 10 euros in a Taxi and much much quicker than getting the Tour Operator bus which might have 20 stops before getting to your resort - you could be on your 3rd beer by the time the bus drops the rest of the tourists off.
Kavos in Corfu is also quite cheap but not as cheap as Zante. Usually go to Zante twice a year (but to a quieter resort close to Laganas, namely, Kalamaki. Have stayed in Laganas at end of season before and enough bars/clubs to enjoy yourself. Laganas also has a big long beach with plenty of bars right on the beachfront - most let you use their sunbeds for free if you buy a drink from their bar and as they all compete with each other you get a nice cold pint of Mythos for 1.50 euros (May 2010 prices).
Was in Ibiza in September and while great for serious clubbers I find it can be quite pretentious and was very very expensive (about 4-5 euros for a beer and 8 euros for a vodka with mixer).
Malia and Faliraki in Crete and Rhodes respectively are also 18-30 resorts but I preferred Zante to these resorts (personal opinion though). Never been to Ayia Napa in Cyprus so cant comment on there. Also, never fancied Bulgaria but hear it is also cheap if not quite as developed as other places
Thanks everyone for all the help!

I will now get into gear and get the planning started...

The main two choices seem to be Zante and Malia for us at the moment

Went this summer for a week, holiday was only £330pp and that was Radio 1 weekend as well!

Clubs are expensive and so are the drinks in them but the bars are cheap if you are drinking the local stuff. As for the vodka & coke etc. you may pay more but you get about 3 shots per drink!

Don't let the people on here put you off, half of them have probably never been!
Yeah, we all want to go Ibiza, but prices
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