Lady gaga-mad as a box of frogs?

    Just watched her grammy performance on the news with elton john-the facial make up was hilarious.

    Think she is bonkers? or is it all an act? Mrs barky and me are off to see her on 1st march and quite looking forward to it-she can certainly put on a show and cant wait to see what she will pull out of the bag for her live shows.

    But she is mental beyond belief aint she?


    dunno, kinda adds to the appeal that I would nail the beef curtained gaga chick :-D

    Elton looked like a chimney sweep in drag :w00t:

    Wonder if Elton John has ever enjoyed a facial

    Original Poster


    Wonder if Elton John has ever enjoyed a facial

    I believe david furnish has splashed out on him on his birthday:whistling:
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