Laminate flooring

    Am looking to put this down in my living room and wondered if you lot had any recommendations of which type to go for & where to get it from. I've had a look on the web and can't find any outstanding deals or sales anywhere so I thought I'd enquire here.

    Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:


    Up to 5% in cashback if you buy through QuidCo.Com too...

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    Yeah had a look there. Just wondered if anyone here had any specific recommendations or knew of any decent deals/sales etc.


    :-) hi
    From personal experience B&Q laminate is Pants !! ;-) especially the cheaper ones. Quick Step Laminate flooring is a really good quality and easy to lay laminate it is a little more expensive but worth it..they don't sell it at B&Q though.
    A good alternative is Egger Laminate floor. We have just fitted some in my sons bedroom and it looks really well, If you have a No Frills store near you they have it in at around £14 for 2.2sq meter packs. a real bargain ...

    Thanks for sharing Caroline and welcome to the forum!!!

    I just bought laminate flooring from Ikea. I went for Niva (or Neva?) ones, 13.20 per pack (2.29 sq.m/pack). 15 years warranty, click type, etc. Also their underlay is quite cheap compared with B&Q/Homebase/Wickes - it is 12 quid/pack, 8.60 sq.m/pack (if I remember correctly).

    Now, if you want to save even more, then open Ikea storecard account, then they will give you 10 quid vouchers per 100 spend. So it is effectively 10% off. You will also get free meal for two (in Ikea, unfortunately).
    The good thing about Ikea is that if you have a big project (like to put laminate everywhere in your house?) they have 90 days return warranty. So buy a couple of spare boxes of laminates, just in case you might need'em.

    That's useful to know Kommunist thanks for the info and good tip on spare boxes

    Welcome from me too caroline150969 + Thanks for your helpful information too

    Thanks for the lovely welcome :0)
    i have used HUKD for ages and had some great deals and a couple of nice freebies too ... just thought i'd join in the banter so I registered lol

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    Thanks for the advice people. Much appreciated!
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