laminate flooring opinions

    looking at this
    thicker 12mm and like the look of it in store. will prob get it at the weekend, also 15% extra off.…lse

    or this which is more expensive and is only 9.5mm…oak

    will be getting a fitter to lay it.

    anyone recommend underlay for it please?
    been thinking of buying this as it has a gold foil vapour barrier

    and thankyou for any advice


    This Bank Holiday is your best bet got mine exactly this time last year and got 30% off, i also got the 12mm. Thickness of Underlay depends on the sound proofing, how cold your floor is now and other factors. I had to go for slightly thicker one as my house is cold.

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    Thankyou for your reply,
    will prob whole out and see if B&Q give a further discount at Bank Holiday,
    we are getting the sitting room and hallaway done, so a concrete base,
    can i ask where you got your Underlay and what thickness? i thought the one on ebay 5mm and with the 12mm laminate together would be enough?.

    If the fitter is a pal ask him to get the best available for your needs, even if he is not he will be the best one to ask what is suitable. Dont forget that you do need to store the stuff in your house for at least a couple of days before fitting and the best job is with the skirting off, I knoe its hassle but trust me when you look back in years to come and still see no bits of cork pushing up from the edgs of your flooring you will be glad you did it

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    thankyou all for advice
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