Laminate Flooring Scratches - HELP!!

    hey guys was fixing a new door to our kitchen and i kept having to fix it and then take it off to plane some edges and as iv been doing this the laminate flooring has 2 hinge sized scratches on it. so i was wondering if there are any tips, tricks or product to help me preferably before my missus comes back from France on wed.
    all help will be a god send.


    oppps !!! you can buy pens for disguising scratches repair pens clicky, i think i've seen something similiar in B&Q, hope you get it sorted.

    buy a new rug, she'd never notice.

    Yep, those pen type crayon things have worked for me in the past, but not on large scrapes, just the odd nick. Worth a go though. You could always lift the floor on just relay the tatty bits - but that assumes you can still ge tthe flooring, and can take it apart easily.
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