Laminate Flooring Underlay

Posted 19th Apr

So i'm about to lay some laminate flooring over wooden floorboards which are levellish in most rooms.

What underlay would people recommend for this? Sonic Gold Underlay or Fibreboard?

Any pros and cons to each?

I think fibreboard works out £35 more expensive.

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Sonic Gold, it’s cheap on eBay
Vitrex premier
A decent underlay will make the world of difference to how your flooring performs and feels so worth spending extra getting it right.

I went for QA TimberTech2 Acoustic Plus and paid £36 per roll delivered from Leader Floors eBay shop last October.

A quick Google shows FWDirect have it in stock for £43.20 per roll plus shipping but I would shop around to see if you can get it cheaper.

Another tip - once you have decided on your underlay, do a quick search on eBay, Facebook, Gumtree etc to see if anyone local to you is selling off any un-used/partially used rolls cheap.
Fibre is standard but if acoustic insulation is particularly important then what the above has posted though never used it so don’t know how much better it is. I usually buy fibre from Wickes 2 packs for £40.

If you’re after edge trims, Toolstation have great price for these. 2/3 colours only though.
Sandy101219/04/2020 16:25

Vitrex premier


Great to cut and clean , I used If to go under my laminate in large area over wood floor boards . Brilliant stuff pretty expensive I think it was £17 a pack
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