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    Anyone happen to know / or has experience of a solid working LAN Messenger?

    Would prefer a dedicated messenger service, so mentions of ICQ, Miranda etc... aren't really what I'm looking for. I do understand Miranda has a plugin for this, but as I said, I'm looking more for a dedicated software to do this.

    Googling hasn't yielded much results, but the first link does look promising ( but you have to pay for it (kinda hoping there's a free / open alternative).

    I've been advised to look into XMPP, specifically Jabber - of which I'm leaning towards "ejabberd" after doing a little research. However, as I understand I need to install both a client and a server so will probably need to undertsnad how it works which would take some time.

    Feel free to let me know of any that you either use / or know of. Many thanks!

    Edit - Systems to be used on will be Vista & Win 7 (32bit)


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    Thanks. Any more suggestions?

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    I came across this while Googling the other day. According to Wikipedia, it's not supported for systems using Vista and above. See ]here.

    There's also a "Comparison of LAN Messengers" found ]here, but they either haven't been updated in a few years, or they're not really designed for LAN messaging (as in the case of Miranda).

    I think I've see the majority of links from the Google point of view, but was hoping someone on here actually has used one to provide a more clear cut image.
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