Land of Leather - again!! - different name same rip offs

    Retailer Land of Leather has asked the stock exchange to suspend its shares with immediate effect, as it reviews the state of its finances.

    The firm, based in Kent, said it had taken the move "pending clarification of the company's financial position".

    hope no one here is waiting on them


    i was so close went to dfs instead!

    think they were on most peoples list as one of the first casualties of 2009 -I would be very careful with any furniture company right now-no way I would give them the price of a suite and then wait 12-16 weeks for delivery. cash on delivery is the only way to go with these firms in these troubled times.

    Agreed, too risky to pay upfront, but if you must, make sure that you pay by Credit Card.:thumbsup:

    im paying buy now pay later on my sofa..its not arrived yet...say for example they go the same way as woolworths would i still owe them the money?

    I would say as a general rule pay for anything over £100 via credit card, it's the only way of getting any kind of assurance these days.

    are they shops shut now or are they selling off the instore sofas cheap?
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