My Nan has never had a land line - but she now wants one.

    On BT's website, they are chargin £125 to install a new line, is there anything cheaper at all ?



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    Anyone ?

    try telewest

    Chris it looks like for most providers you need to have a BT line already installed. However if your nan lives in an NTL check here to see if available or Telewest check at [url][/url] area they install a new landlines for you. I don't recall ever having to pay for installation, but I would check with them first. If she is unlucky enough to not be in a cable recieving area then it looks like BT have got you by the short and curly's........ Good luck.

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    Thanks BB - will have a look

    said in another post, you may get a reduction if she signs up for Bt Together. I got it for half/price but that was 6 years ago.

    You say a "new line" has there ever been BT service at your Nans address?
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