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Found 2nd Mar 2009
Hi Guys,

We're planning a bit of a bike ride in May going from Lands End to John O'Groats.

We were thinking of going with a company called Discover Adventure. They charge £1400 to do it in 12 days. Has anyone heard of these or know a good alternative company?

Has anyone done this trip & got any good advice for us (we are novices)? We were thinking of going on a Boardman Hybrid from Halfords, any thoughts?

If anyone would like to sponsor us, here's the link:…ats

Cheers, Chris. x


Need to do alot of training...why not try the coast to coast first?

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Need to do alot of training...why not try the coast to coast first?

Just something I've always fancied doing & thought it would raise a few quid for a worthy cause.
Started training last week & managed to clock up 200 miles in a week. I think I'm just a glutton for punishment!

Best of luck....200miles is great!…htm

They say their route was 986 miles.

To do it in 12 days would need to hit around 82 miles a day

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Yep, Our training plan does 50 miles per day with a rest day inbetween. I think it's like marathon runners never do the full 26 miles in training, maybe????

Discover are fab! I have taken part in 3 charity treks with them, China, Peru and Namibia, Iceland this year in August.
Best of luck.

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Thanks Nicki



Thanks Nicki

Off topic, sorry.

That eye freak's me out.
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