Lapland advice - any guys out there been here

guys i am going to lapland (yippee) for 5days 4 nights, i know you get the thermal outfits included but i was wondering how warm they are, do i need to take my warmest jumpers or will i sweat LOL. also what currency is it, i am going to Yallas, any one been their and can you reccommend places to eat, as due to the short amount of time being here i dont want to get it wrong. thanking you all in advance


The currency is the Euro. And yes.........still wear a jumper..........tis cold.

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naff so that means i cannot bring back loads of cigs - thanks syzable rep left

Was in Yllas last Chrissy its very cold so suggest you take lots of thin layers not chunky jumpers as they don't work! You need air to circulate.... I got cheap thermal underwear from our local market and it was ace 3 t-shirts for a £5 and 3 pairs leggins for the same price! Hats and gloves are a must! oh and a few pairs of thin socks help along with Ski Socks or thermal ones!

The local delicacys are reindeer, bear and fish (no seriously) and they love potatoes in every form! Even the local pizza places had reindeer pizza! ( I lost loadsa weight as couldn't eat Rudolph or Paddington and don't like fish!)

It is quite expensive to eat out and there is only really one main street in Yllas.
There is a Santa Land near the North Pole at Romnievi but it's a long journey and really commercial and expensive and small so I really don't recommend it as its not worth the money.
If you do decide to go to to Romnievi it's quite a large town or city and just outside is where Santa's Post Office is where all the kids letters go and there are elves sitting by the fire sorting out the letters! There is also a place where you can take the kids to see Santa for FREE! and you can buy a photo of your visit or a video it's lovely!
If you like fast food you can visit the Macdonalds at the North Pole! I had to do it just to say I had been and you get a free postcard to say you have been to the farthest macdonalds!

The jet snow ploughs are fun but it gets sooooo cold and I wouldn't recommend it for kids due to the coldness and kids under 10 or 12 are not allowed to drive them and have to go on the back of yourselves and it's best to take your driving licence if you want to hire one as some companies do not allow you to have one without your licence.

Husky sledging is fun but again small kids have to ride in the sleigh and remember to take sunglasses and scarves as snow gets kicked up in your eyes and face and you can't see a thing and it can hurt!! Reindeer rides are the same, lovely but not with snow in eyes!

Hope that helps a tad, have a great time, it's magical and don't forget your camera!!!


I would suggest a few good base layers which wick sweat away from the body and decent thermal socks and thin waterproof gloves and a decent hat, the suits they provide are extremely good and despite it being -25 I found I got too warm.
As for food, Finland isnt renowned for it, its a bit iffy but you dont go there for that, I stuck to the hotel, most places take euros, dollars or sterling, check before you fly, most of all, enjoy its fantastic....
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