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Hi, i am looking to go to Lapland, but have heard mixed vibes from people i have spoken to, some say its great others say it is a rip off and avoid going. I was wondeirng if anyone could give me information on their experiences and who they booked through, as all different companies offer different things and a big difference in price, but i would rather book with the correct firm and get the best time their, thanking you all in advance :santa:

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a few comments were left about it last mth.Maybe someone else will post up some advice,not been myself.

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thanks for that link, quite mixed thoughts, i am even more confused now LOL


thanks for that link, quite mixed thoughts, i am even more confused now … thanks for that link, quite mixed thoughts, i am even more confused now LOL

Yeh it is,I guess it ones of those places some go and really enjoy it and some maybe it didn't live up to their expectations.

we won a trip to lapland for the day and went with first choice.
All the meals and clothing was included in the price.

our children were 4 & 8 years old and we all had a magical time,

what I did find, thats it's a lot to do in one day? we arrived at approx 1pm and the bus was picking us back up at 5pm to return to the airport.

friends of ours went for 3 days, they did all the same things but had more time to relax.
I'm so glad we did it and would love to go back. I would recomend it to anyone.

Been twice worth every penny, weny Monday to Friday so lots of time to relax, went with Canterbury Travel both times & would recomend to anyone.

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thank you footballfan, i defo want to go for 3 or 4 days as i dont want it to be rushed we looked in the firstchoice brochure and noticed you have to pay for the extras like snowmobile and husky rides etc, was these all included in with canterbury, and was it like a millartary operation or quite chilling.

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also their are a few resorts yullas, levi etc, can you advise where you went as i know you get different activities at different resorts, thanking you footballfan and anyone else thats helping me
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