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    My bro has a Compaq Presario laptop and his hard-drives started playin up on him. Whenever he goes to boot it up, it gets so far then asks for the Boot CD . Weve tried usiing the restore points but to no avaiil. Hes not the kind of person to download useless s**t to it as he didnt like me havin MSN Messenger on his desktop. Anyways, his HDD is preloaded with Vista so im just wondering what the best thing to do for him is? Will it work with a new copy of Vista or is his HDD knackered?

    Its out of warranty by 6 months. I rang HP yesterday n they want to charge me £15.99 to speak to a techie and then whatever its gonna cost to repair it.

    Thanks for any help and i hope the above makes sense to yas


    If you have the original system cd you should put this in and boot from this instead of the hard drive. (You may need to alter a setting in the bios to make sure it boots from the cd first). Once it is booted from this it gives you options to repair or re-install windows. If it fails to do this due to disc errors then the drive may indeed be dying but given the age of the laptop this would seem unlikely.

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    Thanks for the reply but he doesnt have the disc. Vista was pre-installed when he bought it

    Make a Linux Bootable USB from the link below…ws/

    You will be able to see all your hardware including HDD and data on it.

    Copy and Backup any important data.

    There must be recovery partition if there were no OS DVDs.
    You can install Windows 7 or Vista from downloaded iso...Google it ....

    Hi this sounds more like a software problem have you tried doing a full system restore, on booting pressing F10 (I think on a compaq) when booting up, should bring you to an option to do a full system recovery (not a restore point) just remember this will delete everything on the lappy and restore it to factory settings
    good luck

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    Tried the full system restore last night, before i went to bed it said 50% done and 20 minutes remaining. When i wokeup this mornin it said the same thing.

    I had a similar situation with my Dell laptop. i rang and complained that i tried everything i knew how to do including restoring etc. which wouldn't work and that vista was preloaded. They told me i would have had software discs when i bought it and to use those. I told them i had the discs that came with it and they even asked me to read out what they were, of which there was no windows discs. After complaining some more they eventually agreed to send em out another copy of windows free of charge. So it's worth trying to give them another call maybe :thumbsup:

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    Nice one, i'll give that a bash 2moz. Will let ya know what they say


    Nice one, i'll give that a bash 2moz. Will let ya know what they say

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