Found 12th Oct 2007
I already have a desktop PC and another laptop in the house. I am just after another one, as my Mum wants one to use off of our wireless router. Anyone find me a cheap decent spec?

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Am I stupid if I say 150?

Not stupid, just a little dreamy

Doesn't mean it's not possible, post new school and post xmas alot of 2nd hand laptops will appear for sale.

Thing is laptops are fragile/easy to break and personally I'd only get new as 2nd hand/refurb can be a nightmare.

I recently used a hand me down to give to a elder relative, replacing the broken 40gb hdd in it with a 80gb hdd, all up and running fine as new, for a 5 year old laptop too, I'll be doing that again I think this xmas, new hdd, quick opening up removing pockets of dust, sorted
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