Found 7th Apr 2008
I am looking at buying a new Laptop for myself and find myself torn between two models, i would be grateful of any views on either of them.



Model are…on2…gle

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personal opinion here would be the sony one, only cause it has a genuine intel processor.
I use AMD on my desktop manchine but i think i would choose intel over amd on a laptop.

personally its a difficult choice but i too would go for the sony.
in years past amd used to be the kings of making fast chips but now intel have that covered
you would be folish to think the amd laptop is better only its not.
besides that the sony laptop is £9.99+£9.95 cheaper than the hp on overall and delivery costs.

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Thanks for the replies. I have actually just come across this one and do not see that much difference if any from the first Sony, apart from £50 better off that is.…asp

I think i am going to go for a Sony, to be honest it looks nicer and that will get my deciding vote. Im female after all.

The only reason i started looking at the hp ones is the sales people in Staples told me the only good thing about the Sony one is the name and that the actual computer is pants!!!!! I guess they saw a female and thought quids in here, lol.

Still appreciate any feedback, i just no there is going to be something really important different between the two sony's now i have said i cant see much difference.

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Any more views appreciated ;-)

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Please any help, i need to order this asap and am still struggling. I really thought some people would be able to advise on here :thinking:

I think you may have lost people's interest when you started basing your opinion on looks! We tend to be a techie audience on here when it com4es to these things!

I'm also currently shopping for a new laptop for the wife. I advised her to go into stores and find a model she liked the look of. Then tell me and i'd find the best specced version in that style.

The Sony you have highlighted has a fairly low spec for the price IMO - you pay more for Sony because op the brand name and looks. You could get a better specced machine for £500 - there's some good specced Dell's flying about on the deals section for example.
EDIT: actually that isn't such a bad machine on 2nd look - the processor could be faster but it's still not the worst.

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Hi thanks for the response. Sorry about asking about how it looks, i would not base it totally on that obviously but if i had two the same and same price i would go for the one i liked the look of more.

I have actually bought one now. I went for the hp dv6750 ae…750

It has the Intel core 2 duo processor which seems to be the fastest and as the main requirement is the ability to do things quickly it seemed the one for me. It looks nice as well, lol.

Thanks for taking time to respond, i did not realise that a comment about the look of a machine would make people not reply.

Oh I'm sure it wasn't just that comment on the looks - there are many posts asking for laptop help.

I think the machine you bought is a good happy medium of spec and design.

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Thanks, now if only i could get the bloody thing to connect to wireless. ????? No idea why it wont :-(
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