Found 6th Jun 2008
Hi guys,

I'm on the lookout for a decent laptop with the following spec:

Processor: Not to bothered on exaact specs, but must be decent
Memory: At least 2gb
HDD: at least 100gb
OS: None if possible, I will be writing over whatever is on there with my own.
Must have Wifi & Bluetooth built in
Would also like a clearview screen (or equivalent)

£300 max

Is there anywhere I can build a lappy online & leave out the OS ?

Thanks for any help, rep will be given !

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theres a few places that build one for you eg.


problem is i dont think you will get that great of a deal even if you leave out the OS.

this site: ]http//ww…asp

is quite good to give you an idea of what spec you can get for your money.

Might be worth looking at the dell site as well base model inspiron 1525 comes in at £299 and vostro ones are even cheaper

]Novatech are my favourite for machines with a preinstalled OS.

EDIT: I've just seen your price... not so easy to meet.
Be good, Dio

Is clearview the glossy or matt screen coating?

Are you using a common OS like ubuntu which you can get laptops with or will you be using something more obscure?

If you can get a laptop for £280 then you can always upgrade the memory, but finding built-in bluetooth and possibly the clearscreen-like coating for under £300 is going to be the difficult bit I think.

Is there any limitation on the size? On of the emerging eeepc-clones might be what you're after but they're all

Original Poster

Cheers guys. What I mean by clearview is the Trubrite screen that look glossy

I'm using Windows XP special edition, have all I need here without any pre installed OS installed.

I'd say 15" would be the min size, pref 17" - not in a huge hurry for it, just wondered if there was anything out there that I hadn't seen - am I best waiting for a decent Dell deal then ?

not sure if there are many 17" ones for that price. Im guessing you dont want to buy a used one from fleabay or somewhere like that so your best bet is looking at the dell vostro range as they are about the cheapest.

im guessing you want it more as a desktop replacement cos otherwise 17" ones weigh a ton lol

try ]here
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