Okay well my laptop has packed in
So I'm in the market for a new one!
Looking for it to have a 13.3" or 15.4" screen but I think I would prefer 13.3" ( opinions on them would be appreciated! )
needs at least 2gb RAM, at least 160GB hdd and would be good if it had intel core 2 duo.
Anyone got any recomendations?
I'm looking to spend under £400!
I've found this one what are the specs like:…848



[url][/url] - laptops - clearance

laptops from £200

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had a look at them earlier, theyre pretty naff from what I can see

A couple of general thoughts based on personal experience....

15.4 laptops tend to be HEAVY, and the width makes finding a decent-looking bag to carry them in a bit of a challenge. Battery life will be 3 hours max. They are usually fully-featured.

13.3 laptops tend to be small...make sure you can use the keyboard comfortably. Also with a small screen, the maximum practical resolution is quite they tend to get "low-end" graphics processors. This MAY mean you have trouble (blocky/shaky picture) when connecting to an external source - as the on board graphics processor won't be able to increase the resolution for a bigger screen. Be careful you are getting the ports you need. Consider a docking station (check availability, portability & prices - no good having a tiny laptop and a 4 kilo £200 dock!). Battery life will be as much as 4-5 hours.


Whats your price range cause on average a good 13.3 TFT will cost you around 900 quids

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Well up to £370 really lol!
What do the specs on the one I posted look like?
I wont be connecting to an external source

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