Hi, can someone help me whether its worth it?? Maybe someone can suggest something better around that prize tag?? I wanna buy a decent laptop for browsing and some basic tasks, nothing too demanding tho. I do not know much about computers. Thank you very much, cheers…tml


Not worth it
You can get similar for cheaper price, for this price you can get good one with graphics card and 128gb ssd + 1tb hdd

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Thank you for your reply, any chance you could paste some links below of something decent?

if it's just basic tasks and browsing you can get them half that price from anywhere but I have bought some really good laptops at around £200 on tesco direct

>>> I do not know much about computers.

The laptop has an Intel i7 CPU, and a full HD monitor.

Intel CPUs are numbered as follows (from slowest up to fastest) - Celeron - Pentium - i3 - i5 - i7.

So the i7 is their most powerful CPU so you are paying a lot extra for that.

An i3 would suit you fine.

Also most laptops have non-HD screens. This has a full HD screen of 1920x1080 pixels and you are paying a lot extra for that.

As you don't need it for any high powered work then you don't need the i7 CPU or the HD screen.

However if you watch a lot of movies the HD screen will be a nice extra if you want to pay for it.

i7 is overkill for basic usage like yours.
Look for i3, full HD screen and SSD for a quick machine with good screen which is all you need.
Dell refurbished section is a good place to look at.

This one looks good to me…tml
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Thank you guys, how much storage is 128gb ssd?? Is it enough to store movies, music and stuff like that? Do i need 256? Thanks

Hottest deal going at the moment for a laptop would suit you, has 256 SSD and great specs for the money…087
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I would get a used Macbook Air off ebay for that price!

If i was you i would get the lenovo deal as it has an amazing display for the price and you can buy an external HDD for storing movies on then just plug it in and play or plug it in copy the movie over and do it that way, may seem a bit inefficient but any laptop without an SSD isnt worth buying in 2017, it really does make that much difference
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