I'm looking for the best value for my money. I'm looking for a laptop which will be used for web,email,watching movies. I have a maximum budget of £350

    Thanks in advance


    That's what hukd is for if you are in no rush scout computers category for good deals. Otherwise you will not get the Best possible value. I keep scouting for 500gb ssd but always late. So scouting every 20mins. Haha good luck tho.

    You should easily get a laptop for your budget, for use with web, email and movies, when you say watch movies are you looking for a dvd/blu ray drive? Or just stream netflix/kodi etc?

    Original Poster

    DVD and stream. Thanks

    Just buy a i3 with decent screen for perhaps £100 throw SSD drive in it for £50 install as the OS and away you go saving £150.
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