Found 7th Dec 2008
Hello , I am after quite a high Spec Laptop , and am willing to spend up to Around £400 Max, Hopefully The top deal hunters out there can help me out :-)

also , Do you think its better for me to wait until the January Sales ? , or will the Prices not go down much on laptops ?
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philips freevents laptop and in excellent condition is here for sale if u r interested

specs are
dual core 15.4 screen all immaculate and all programmes and discs are here and included was £489 now to you £359 / 2gb ram t5250 1.50ghz
vista 32bit installed and is fast as fe** lololoolol
u can get a better one in tesco for 349, the acer aspire

Promotional Code: XXC7NM £13 off plus about £10 QUIDCO and £4.20 clubcard points cpmes to about £394
Do You think I will Be better , waiting for the January Sales , or will there not be much difference with laptops ?
So would i be better then , waiting for the january Sales ? :thumbsup:

So would i be better then , waiting for the january Sales ? :thumbsup:

maybe it all depends on how much old stock retailers have not sold over christmas
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