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hi there, can anyone suggest the best laptop for me, it needs the new windows software obv and preferably at least about 60gig memory, although not too fussed due to removable drives. wireless compatable with netgear is essential (must be built in) (prefersbly) deending on price difference. cannot cost more then £800 including delivery. quidco not included as i dont use it so i cant include this in the price

many thanks


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need more info than that mate - what are you going to be doing? gaming mostly you skiving fresher :-P

If you are doing a computers related course the processor is most important.
If you are doing a design related course the memory and graphics are most important.

So what are you going to do?


Original Poster

well im doing computing, so enough ram for a fair bit of software is essential. was considering a MAC? step-dad has the powerbook g4 but they seem relatively slow yet good looking lol.

a half decent graphics card would be good for the odd game or 2 lol. and office aswell would be good, i have 2004 but i dont know if that is the latest? if so thn not to worry with that.

cheers m8


Macs are now much faster with the new intel chips, plus they run both Windows and OSX!

Here's my recommendation:

MacBook 13.3"

2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo (meaning its a dual processor... so two processors on one chip)
13.3" Widescreen display
512MB DDR2 Memory (upgradeable to 2GB)
60GB 5,400 RPM Hard Disk
DVDRW, and CDRW Drive (so can write DVDs and CDs)
Built in webcam above the screen

Normally, it costs 899, but as you're a student (I'm assuming going to university), you get 15+% discount and a free upgrade to 3 year warranty from the standard 1 year (worth about 200 on its own).
So the take-home price, including delivery, is 773.15

There is also a lower model for 643.90.

To get apple products at Higher Education discounts, you need to access the special higher education store at ]http//ap….uk. This site can only be accessed from a university network... if you are at home, you will have to order your apple products by phone: 0800 039 1010

Message me if you need more help... I work for Apple in their Higher Education department

Edit: There is Office 2004 for Mac available.

Hey those Apples look rather tasty Now they're faster with Intel they're much more applepealing :roll:


smack round the back of the head firstly for thinking about gaming on a laptop. If you want to do a bit of gaming then get a desktop. I'm not even kidding mate - the premium that you pay for a laptop is for the mobility, all other aspects of the computer are a compromise.
If you are gaming on a laptop you are pumping so much extra power and heat through the ram, hard drive and cpu - that without a doubt you are shortening the devices' lifespan.

Why exactly do you want a laptop anyway? The uni will have lots of facilities for you to use while studying - if you have a laptop - it is just one more thing that you need to lug back and forth to class.

IF you do feel the fashion victim approach is required then the ]HP compaq is the way to go - it allows you to handwrite your notes on the screen and converts the text so that you can have your notes digitised before you leave the lecture.

I saw a demonstration of one of these babies, they really are excellent. Or just go with Boonkoh's recommendation [nice one], I don't think you'll get a price that good elsewhere.


I agree with christt about the gaming part... but if you definately want to go ahead with a gaming laptop, one of the best out there is the top end Dell ones.

Tablet laptops are waaay cool!! I've always wanted to get one of those, but the price has always kept me away from them. I'm hoping over the next 2 years all laptops will come tablet-pc style with touch screens for a decent price.

I'd recommend this one from Evesham. It's a clearance model, brand new, but only on their ebay outlet store...

It's powerful enough for gaming (ignore that it has a Sempron - this is a newer 25W model running at 1.8GHz, equivalent to a 3GHz P4). You might upgrade the RAM at some point, but what you are really getting is a superb gaming laptop. I have built one from the same base (an MSI MS-1029 with ML-37 Turion, 1GB RAM) and it's better than my Dell Dimension 9100 (3GHz P4 531, 1.5GB RAM, ATI X700).

A similar laptop spec would set you back about £800 - you're paying for the dedicated graphics (e.g. the MacBook is powered by an Intel GMA950, which isn't going to play any newer games) - watch out for this when comparing machine.

Go here: ]http//ww…om/ and click on Clearance, then look for the new Evesham Roma.

(Here's a ]direct link to item at the eBay store - I know this is normally against HUKD policy for individual eBay retailers but this is a retail store, remove it if necessary :))

£499.99 inc VAT inc del.

[FONT=Verdana]Operating system[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]
[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]Microsoft® Windows® Media Centre 2005 Edition
AMD® Mobile Sempron® 3000+ processor[/FONT]
[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]512MB DDR RAM, PC2700 333MHz[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Hard disk
40GB 5400rpm hard drive[/FONT]
128MB ATI Mobility Radeon X700 Graphics[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]15.4" WXGA X-Bright Widescreen display (1280x800)[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Optical Drive[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]DVD/CD-RW/Dual Layer DVD-RW Drive[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Wireless Mini PCI 802.11bg (54Mbps) LAN and Bluetooth[/FONT]

MOD EDIT - removed eBay seller link

Oh, plus if you're doing Computing you're going to wanting a machine that's compatible with the system the uni have. It's all very nice getting a Mac, but if the uni do programming using MS C# then you're going to be stuck. If it's Java then it doesn't matter so much.

Also, if you're going for a laptop budget for a nice large external disc drive (200GB+) for storing music etc. Laptop drives fill up quick!

[SIZE=2]I am also looking for a laptop. i am also a student. can anyone pass judgement on there offers for me : ]http//ww…180[/SIZE]


i dont know what anyones thinks of them? help me out please? my budget is 600

The Acer will have the best battery life. The Asus will be better for games. I'd go for the Acer. Faster processor, double the RAM, more battery life, brand new (not open box) and £100 cheaper. I would say the Asus' 7300GS isn't worth that much extra especially considering the drop in other components. Forget the Vaio - you're paying for the Sony name. Also, do consider the Evesham one I posted above.

Also check out this Acer, also from Savastore.…273

£100 more than your Acer, but has a Core Duo and slightly better graphics.


Oh, plus if you're doing Computing you're going to wanting a machine … Oh, plus if you're doing Computing you're going to wanting a machine that's compatible with the system the uni have. It's all very nice getting a Mac, but if the uni do programming using MS C# then you're going to be stuck. If it's Java then it doesn't matter so much.Also, if you're going for a laptop budget for a nice large external disc drive (200GB+) for storing music etc. Laptop drives fill up quick!

The new Macs now run Windows XP natively using Boot Camp.... so when you start up your PC, you can select between booting up to Windows or Mac OSX... exactly like a dual-boot system. So if your uni is using MS Visual C or other programs only available on Windows, you won't be stuck....

Some basic things you should compare between laptops:

Processor (Pentium > Celeron, Core Duo > anything else at the moment for laptops)
RAM (>512MB is best)
Hard disk (>60GB at least, and 5,400 RPM is basic)
Graphics card (Depends on if you're a gamer... but 64MB is basic now)

and finally... warranty. I can't stress this more... as you'll be spending loads on a laptop, and as its not that easy to buy off-the-shelf parts to replace if things go wrong, you will need a good warranty otherwise you end up paying through the nose for repairs. Most cheap laptops come with 1 year, but what you really need is a 2-3 years, parts & labor warranty.

i would idealy like to play some games. not 'hardcore' games like battlefield 2 or anything like that. just some games like gta3 or football manager or halo. can anyone give any advice on laptops which could play these which arent too expensive

Anything with 32MB or higher will play those I think. They are not very video demanding.

If you want cheap cheap laptops, Dell has a good selection, and if you read some of the threads or keep an eye out, there are extra discount codes + quidco that you can stack up to get it even cheaper. But be careful... it might be cheap now, and it might run at the moment, but you might find yourself unable to run even basic applications in a year's time due to increased minimum requirements.

This is especially true since Windows Vista is coming out in January. You don't want to be stuck only being able to run XP for the next 3 years when all your buddies start showing off on Vista.
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