Found 22nd Jul 2009
I'm looking for a laptop for University.

I'll be doing a fair bit of travelling so I'd like it as light as possible. As it'll become my main computer for 90% of the time I'd prefer not to go with a netbook, I'm not sure their processors are good enough for what I require.

Ideally it would be 15" or less, 80GB harddrive (don't need massive amount of space cos I can get an external), 3GB ram, wifi, and a good processor (I have a quad core on my deskptop which runs like a dream).

I don't require a good graphics card, I don't play games. But I do want something that is capable of running Football Manager and videos without lag.

Ideally I'd want to pay about £300 - I'm out of touch with computer hardware at the moment and I've never bought a laptop before - am I being unrealistic?

Oh, and I'd prefer XP - I can't stand Vista and I want it running as smooth as possible.

Any info/adivce would be great, thanks!
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Currys have a good range at the mo buddy.

I bought the advent 5401 for £299 last week from the refurbished range it has 3gb ram and runs cod 4 ok on low settings but its vista.To be fair though with 3gb rab vista runs well.
At £300 you're going to get flexible pastics, average to poor keyboard and touchpad, 3 hours or less battery life and just a single year's warranty. If you can't live with that then you might want to think about spending more money.

Processor, battery life and weight are a three way trade off. If you want a powerful processor then it'll use lots of power so your battery won't last long, unless you get a bigger battery but that will add weight to your laptop.

Vista runs just as smoothly as XP when it's been properly set up on a machine that could handle it. Did you try it pre-SP1?
You could also buy a £150 pretty powerful PC for your room and a £150 netbook for taking out...?
Thanks for the replies.

How much should I be looking to invest, EndlessWaves, upwards of £400? I can stretch that far if needs be. I don't really have any set budget and have money saved up so that would be OK.

And I have a pretty good desktop at the moment tazxxx, I'll be travelling about alot so I don't really want to get another desktop. The main problem I have with netbooks is their lack of processing power. The lack of cd drive isn't a big problem I just want it to run as smooth as possible.
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